A school and education adapted to the rhythm of children

What is Waldorf?

Waldorf pedagogy places special emphasis on accompanying the different evolutionary stages of the child by the teacher, and tries to provide the child with what he needs according to his evolutionary moment, and not according to what the social system wants from him; education is considered as a development towards individual freedom.

Why Waldorf?

  • They have a respectful, individual and kind treatment with each child.
  • It allows children to be children without overwhelming them with knowledge or demanding cognitive skills ahead of time.
  • They give value to non-toxic and simple toys and materials.
  • Beauty, order, simplicity, harmony, rhythm and peace are part of everyday life.
  • It is recognized by the capacity for imitation of children as a way to conquer the world and make it their own.
  • The day to day is fueled by the arts, manual work, music and theater.

Our Families and Teacher explain...