All teaching and non-teaching staff in the school have received adequate training for  awareness of the virus situation and preventative recommendations in this regard through the  occupational hazards company “Valora Prevention”. 

In addition, the school has a “Prevention, Action and Contingency Plan with the IMPLEMENTATION OF PREVENTIVE MEASURES TO REDUCE EXPOSURE OR CONTAGION TO COVID19, also developed by “Valora Prevention”. All teaching and non-teaching staff will be  screened for Covid-19 a few days before the start of classes. 


All kindergarten and primary school groups will be organized by bubble groups. Bubble groups  are stable coexistence groups of a maximum of 20 students. Students belonging to the same  bubble group do not need to keep distance from security between them. They should keep a  safe distance from other children who belong to another group of stable coexistence or  bubble. 


Infant: Infant children will not wear a mask. The teachers do. 

Primary: the children and teachers will all wear a mask, except for snacks, lunch and drinking.  In Physical Education, students will wear a mask during the explanations and activities of no  physical effort. When activities of intense physical effort are carried out, the students will  remove the mask. 


For infants: when weather permits, all outdoor activities will be carried out, including daily  crafts. 

For primary: an outdoor classroom has been set up where the 3 groups of students will rotate  during the day. When classes take place inside the classrooms, they will always be well ventilated. 


Infants: there will be two classrooms, one per group with a maximum of 15 children per  group. 

Primary: four indoor classrooms and one outdoor classroom. The classrooms will be constantly  ventilated and the groups do not share the indoor classrooms with other groups. The outdoor classroom, which will be shared by the 3 primary groups, will be disinfected properly before  and after each use. 


For infants and primary school, during the month of September each child will bring their own food in a tupperware. Primary school children will eat in their classroom with their  teacher and with their bubble group or outside if the weather permits. 

Infant and first grade children may eat some days in the same space, respecting the distance  between the bubble groups.  

Teachers in charge of the dining room will remind and reinforce the message of not sharing  food, utensils or drink. 


All school children should bring their own bottle of water each day (at school they may refill  with mineral water from the dispenser). In primary school, lunch and snacks must be brought  ready from home with their cutlery. (see dining room section). 


Infants: they will be without Interpersonal distance within bubble groups. There will be a set time to go to the playground for the two groups of children and there will also be times where they coincide keeping the distance between groups, with two different patio areas. 

Primary: they will have as until now three courtyards and will be without interpersonal distance within the bubble group, with rotating spaces for free play and the new outdoor classroom. 


There will be different entry and exit doors according to the groups, as well as different schedules. 

Infants / Young Childrens Entrance

Entrance Hours:

Blue Monika group 8:40 
Yellow Monica group 8:30 

Pickup Time:
Blue Monika Group 1:30 PM
Yellow Monica Group 1:20 PM.

Puerta/Entrada/Salida Grupo Llúcia

Llúcia’s Group Door / Entrance / Exit

Entry Time: 8’30
Departure Time: 15’00

Elisa’s Group Door / Entrance / Exit

Entry time: 8:40
Departure time: 13:30 and 14:50 (for the first quarter depending on the day)

Puerta/Entrada/Salida Grupo Elisa
Puerta/Entrada/Salida Grupo Elisa

German’s Group Door / Entrance / Exit

Entry: 8:30
Departure time: 15.00 


At the entrances and exits to / from the educational center, families will accompany their  children until the door on the outside of the school grounds, keeping an interpersonal distance  at all times of 1.5m. Once families have left their son / daughter at the door, they will not be  able to stay outside the centre to avoid crowds. With the exception of the families of 3-year old students, who during the adaptation period a companion of the child may access the  playground. Only one member per unit will enter with a facemask and it is recommended that  it always be the same person. Families may access the center in the following situations: – For  administrative procedures by appointment. – In case your presence is required from school. 


With infants, each bubble group will have its own bathroom. A new bathroom has been built in  the new nursery classroom. In the primary bathroom the maximum capacity will be reduced to  2 people. Cleaning and disinfection in bathrooms will be increased during the day, as well as  checking of the availability of soap, hand paper and toilet paper. Bins will be provided for hand  drying paper. 


Children and teachers will wash their hands at least 5 times a day with soap and water and we  will dry them with paper, and in any case, always at the entrance and exit of class, after going  to the bathroom, before and after eating.


The cleaning of the center will be reinforced, and will have cleaning shifts throughout the day.  All the cleaning products used are found within the list of “cleaning products personal  disinfection and cleaning against Covid-19 ” All the cleaning protocol that will be carried out is  within the “cleaning protocol, disinfection and ventilation against Covid-19 ”and complies with  all recommendations established against Covid-19. 


At the moment the extracurricular activities offered by the School will be suspended until prior  notice. It is also recommended that extracurricular activities outside of school be limited too,  so that in this way, Stable Coexistence Groups or Bubbles make sense and can fulfill the  objective for which they have been created, which is to minimize the risk of contagion. 


The health of the child should be checked daily at home and before going to school. The same  goes for any student, teacher and staff of the center, checking that they do not have a  temperature for above 37.5 ° C or other symptoms that may be associated with COVID-19  (cough, discomfort, nasal congestion, diarrhea, vomiting …). In case of presenting any of these  symptoms, you should not go to the educational center and you must contact the relevant  health center. (Read responsible statement) The School will take the temperature of the  student at the entrance of the center and will verify that it doesn’t exceed 37.5 ° C. If a child  has a fever during the day, they will be accompanied to the infirmary following the established  and recommended protocol and the family will be called for the child to be picked up. To  return to class, a medical certificate must be brought indicating that the child is healthy. 


In stable coexistence groups, the quarantine of the entire group will be recommended for 14  days after the last contact with the case and the appearance of new cases will be monitored. Thiswill produce the interruption of the educational activity for this group and we will proceed to distance teaching. A PCR test will be performed on all members of the  test group. Cohabiting relatives of a suspected case (one in which PCR has been performed and  is awaiting results) should stay home until the result is known. If the result is negative, the  siblings can rejoin the educational center. In case of confirmation of infection (PCR positive),  the siblings will quarantine for 14 days and, within the framework of the active search for  cases, a PCR test will be performed.