The school has a shop that sells handicrafts (most of them made by parents and teachers during craft workshops) and books (for children and adults); All members of our school are welcome to participate in this invaluable activity.

In our shop we offer toys, gifts and decorative objects handmade by parents and teachers as well as a wide range of children’s books and education books and anthroposophy topics for adults.

Contact us here to visit our store!

Thanks to a group of parents who meet once a week to share knowledge and skills, wonderful handmade pieces are made from felted wool and other absolutely natural materials.

Using different techniques, which are based in particular on wool felting with needle or soap, the parents of this endearing workshop create toys, fairies, dolls and figures for the station table.

There is no lack of bags or decorative items like felted flowers, pumpkins and hearts. We also make Waldorf dolls, Christmas scenes or fairy tales, tapestries of different seasons and lovely knitted animals. 

We teach parents the different techniques of work, but each craftsman – father or mother, has his own personal stamp, which translates into absolutely original and unique creations.

We are happy to show you all these creations here on our website. Our prices reflect the fact that we are a workshop, not a business, where the benefits obtained help to finance the school’s annual project.

When you buy in our store you are helping a good cause and the development of Waldorf Pedagogy in our area. 
Thank you for contributing buying our works to give beautiful and useful things.